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Helpful Tips

Most people have used portable toilets at events but few think how they got there or what is involved. If you are someone looking to rent a unit or have more questions the following information is here as a quick start guide to help you get started.

Where to Start

Decide what type of unit

We have a variety of different colored units and styles. Our units are made of resistant plastic making them easier to lift and move where needed. We have Standard Units and larger handicap units. It is all based on what is needed for your special circumstance. 

Get Unit Booked

Once decided what type of units will best suit your needs. We will gather your information and get you placed on our schedule. All we will need is your payment upon delivery. We deliver and pick up units at no extra cost to you. 

Extended Monthly Units

We can provide units for longer use purposes such as construction, extended weekend and business uses. These are our monthly units and you will placed on our monthly invoicing service. These units are placed on our weekly cleaning and sanitizing schedule are kept maintained by our staff.

A little About Us

Portage Portable Toilets offers a wide range of fully functional porta johns to meet your needs. Portable toilets are very versatile. You will find our units placed in many different locations throughout Portage County. From small backyard get togethers to local festivals. We love to serve our community and would love to talk to you about we can best help you with at your next function.

As a small family-owned business, we thrive on word of mouth and make sure to give it our all with exceptional service. Richard Plaisted is the owner and operator of Portage Portable Toilets and as a Father and Grandfather he likes to make sure his units would be clean enough for his own family to use.  You will often see him working with his grandkids out servicing units along with his two dogs. 

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